What is Cycles Noir?

What is Cycles Noir?  Cycles Noir is my business of hand-building custom bicycles of
impeccable specification, fit and finish.  To realize this goal, Cycles Noir consists of me
and  my painters.  No one else is involved in the design & building of your bicycle.

Why buy a bike your friends haven't heard of?  It's about the love. Giant, Trek & Colnago have
palmares from the pro-tour - it's clear that they can make a decent frame for professional riders
(regardless of where it's produced). What they can't do, and what they don't do, is work closely with
you to ensure that your next bike is all that you want it be. And they won't show your new frame the
love that only a solitary hand-builder has to offer.

Think about that for a minute.  Building frames is a personal for me.  I do it because I love to.  By
focusing on the best possible results, I get pleasure.  And I get to work with some of the best folks in
the  world: cyclists.  Work with me and your next frame will be filled with my love for frame building.

This isn't a  recipe for getting rich or famous.  But, its rewarding, both when someone first sees their
new bike with eyes like saucers and later when they call or write to tell me how much they love their

Do you want a bike the fits you well, rides both fast and comfortably, with exquisite looks?  If so,
contact me and we can get started.
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